Different Facility

Our Facility Is Different

Have you seen this place?  It's amazing.  

  • 4600 square feet of Kempo Heaven
  • Over 2300 square feet of Tatami Martial Arts Mats
  • 15 kickboxing heavy bags
  • State of the art lighting
  • A full assortment of training pads, training weapons, and other toys!
  • A  Crossfit style gym with olympic weights, kettlebells, slam balls, a sled, a rower,....and much more

Most of our memberships are unlimited.  This means that you can come in anytime during operating hours and use the space (providing you do not disrupt a class.). Want to practice that form, hit a bag, practice your cartwheels or do some pull-ups?  We've got you covered!

Simply put, you will not find another martial arts facility like this in the state.