Different Approach

Our Approach Is Different

Multiple Instructors

Normally, we have at least two to three black belt instructors per class.  (And sometimes 4!)  We don't want your child waiting. There's nothing more boring than waiting for 15 or 20 students to perform their skills, is...well...boring.  Kids shouldn't be bored during karate class.  They should be engaged, smiling, working hard and at least a little bit tired when they're done.  By running multiple stations or splitting the class into groups, your kids get three times the attention.  That ratio means more value and a greater degree of success.

Personal Training Times

Personal Training Times(aka PTT) are included in your tuition.  These small group sessions of one to four students are invaluable to quickly learn Shaolin Kempo and advance in rank.  Personal time with an instructor allows them to focus on teaching all the details and subtleties of a kata, a weapons form, or sparring skills - whatever you and Sensei decide you want to work on...light sabers anyone?

Shaolin Kempo

There's not too many places around that offer training in Shaolin Kempo.  This discipline is a unique blend of traditional Japanese Karate, Chinese Kung-fu and adds elements from Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and others.  Mostly, it's an awesome system for gaining the classical martial arts benefits of focus, discipline and respect while learning a practical system of self-defense.  In contrast to Jiu-Jitsu, Judo, or Tae-Kwon-Do, Shaolin Kempo is not a 'sport'.  It's not on TV or featured at the olympics.  It's a way to protect yourself from a person or persons that want to do you harm. It's as simple as that.

Sparring Classes

We don't do sparring occasionally - we do it every week!  We have a class dedicated just to sparring!  Why are you learning karate if you're not going to spar?  Sparring Class is a safe and secure way to develop the actual skills that will protect you.  Our instructors will help you to overcome your fears of being hit and of hitting others.  It's all good - lots of padding and protective equipment and most importantly respect for your opponents.

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